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Where are the Moderate Israelis?

Thanks to the American and British Jews, who have always stood up for social Justice and living in harmony with others. However, the pied pipers have misled Jews in Israel to have them focus on their security needs over the sense of righteousness while the Palestinian leadership has done the same. A few American Jews don’t see and don’t want to believe what is going on in Israel; they don’t see the ethnic cleansing and atrocities against Palestinian children and women, and inhumane treatment of fellow beings. What kind of humans would the Israelis and Palestinians be?

If the younger generation wakes up from the ill-will and hatred, they will ask the creeps and blame the leadership of both nations, if they wanted to pass their problem to the next generation? The future Israelis may ask Netanyahu, if he was doing to Palestinians what was done to them? More at http://israel-palestine-dialogue.blogspot.com/2018/05/moderate-israelis-where-are-they.html

Mike Ghouse
Center for Pluralism
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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Nikki Haley is a Nuisance!

As an American, I am pissed off at Nikki, the shameless American Ambassador to the United Nations. If other nations hate us, you can see why? She is the reason for my country to be resented around the world. She is also one of the three reasons why the Israeli government is hated and Isolated by the world; the other two are Netanyahu and Trump.

I boldly stand with Israel, Jews, and Judaism. It’s been my stance since I came into public life some 25 years ago, but not at the cost of Justice to the Palestinians. Justice is justice! If we screw one to support the other, our integrity becomes questionable and it is not justice by any means. Ultimately, injustice to one is an injustice to all as Martin Luther King had said, it will envelop even the ones who consider themselves more privileged than the Palestinians. In the end, everyone suffers and lives in apprehensions.
Look at the world record since the United Nations came into being. All the justice-oriented nations, 95% of them, have supported the resolutions for a just settlement for the Palestinians. Who violates them all the times? It is the leadership of Israel, not the Israelis or Jews, but the crooked leadership. Check out the violations.

On the issue of illegal settlements, forceful occupation, daily oppression, ethnic cleansing (not the Israelis, but the leaders) of the Palestinians. It is doing to Palestinians what was done to them during Holocaust.

192 Nations of the world voted one way, and about five nations went against it, and the US invariably vetoes such resolutions. It amounts to slapping in the face of the 192 countries, why would they not resent Israel or even us?

In this embarrassing video, On top of that, she has the balls to tell other nations that she will know who did not support her, screw her, ten countries voted against, and then she Vetoes it in behalf of us, the Americans?

Did we give her that Permission? Even the moderate Jewish Americans don’t like to see resentment built towards Israel, their eternal home. Average humans want peace, extremists like Nikki wants chaos.

Her actions will increase resentment towards Israel and the United States, and the right wingers conveniently label it as Anti-Semitism, which it is not. It is an utter disregard for the 95% of the nations and is not Anti-Semitism.

Who is she pleasing? I am sure the moderate Israelis are laughing out loud at her stupidity.
Several videos have been removed from Facebook, if you have any in regards to this vote, please share



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