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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jewish Terrorism - New York Times and NYRB and my response

Jewish Terrorism and Anti-Semitism | www.IsraelPalestineDialouge.com

Here is my response: to the article at 'NYT' and 'NYRB' on Jewish terrorism.  
This month has seen another breakthrough in the U.S. media: two leading publications have run important and often-eloquent pieces on Jewish terrorism. Both are from a liberal Zionist perspective, but both bring news to the U.S. public about the frightful state of Israeli political culture today. - See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/09/publish-important-terrorism

Of course terrorists are not many, indeed, less than 1/10th of 1% of any group, but it just takes one to mess up the world. 

The biggest enemies of Israel are the 'self appointed guardians who claim to secure Israel for Jews, but doing everything against it.

How long should Israel rely on these men or US Military support or the Iron dome? How long can they bully the people around the world to yield to their pressure... nothing is endless. AIPAC has lost two battles with Iran deal, and having the pro-Hamas opposition leader in UK Parliament. It's purely cause and effect. 

Unless the moderate Israelis take a stand and start implementing "live and let live policy", they are hurting themselves around the world. That Yahu guy has slapped in the faces of six major world leaders for the Iran deal, do you think they will look favorably towards it. The United Nations passes resolutions; the Israeli government violates them, would that go well with the 96% of Nations that pass?

If Anti-Semitism is on rise, Netanyahu the individual is directly responsible for it, and not Israelis, Jews or Judaism. Why can't the moderate majority of Jews see this? I am saddened that Jews have to continue to live in apprehension, if they choose the path of justice to all - they will win the world, and they don't have to live in the fear of anti-Semitism, and it will not go away by silencing the other with pressures. 

Anti-Semitism will go away, if Israeli leaders choose Israel to be a nation that respects the United Nations resolutions, treats others fairly, does not bulldoze others homes and rob them forcibly, point guns at children at borders, and the hated wall... the world is seeing it, just because they are not saying anything, that does not mean they are approving the actions, instead reverse is happening - hatred for injustice, that is being termed as Anti-Semitism.

As an Individual I stand for dignity of every human, and I have stood up for Jews, Judaism and Israel, and will continue to do so, but not the Israeli governments' ruthless ruinous policies for the people of Israel. 

Netanyahu will continue to increase Anti-Semitism with his antics. Americans are not saying much, but there is a lot of pent up hatred for his antics against our president that is spilling out from the mouths of Ann Coulter and now that she has dared, if Trump picks on it, there is a whole new cold war on Jews. It is time for the moderate Jews to speak up and mitigate the Anti-Semitism mania. 

Muslims, Jews, Hindus, African Americans, Hispanics and Gays should join together and speak up against hate for any one. America needs to be free from these evils of Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Homophobia, Misogyny and Xenophobia. Freedom at last!!!