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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Obama administration's final betrayal of Israel has begun.

Here is David Horowitz, duping the frightened Jews and Right wing Americans - when I saw the article, I said what does he want? I knew it was money. Sure enough he was asking for money. Every one of them is after money, they really don't care about Israelis or the Palestinians. Why should any one give him the money"? He is not a peace maker, peace will shut his revenues, conflicts keeps it coming.
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The Obama administration's final betrayal of Israel has begun.

Despite the usual flowery rhetoric about two peoples living in peace, yesterday morning's presidential address may well go down in history as the beginning of the end of the State of Israel. Never before has an American President so brazenly embraced the "Palestinian" cause; never before has an American President so contemptuously pushed Israel into a corner. To proclaim that the borders of a Palestinian state must be drawn according to the 1967 lines, ignoring all the issues that should be negotiated on the way to two secure states and ignoring that Israel will someday have to defend these borders from Palestinian hatred, tells two lies at once: that the Palestinians have been sincerely searching for peace, and that Israel is the problem.

The Freedom Center has devoted its twenty years of existence to telling the truth about the crisis in the Middle East--the fact that the Palestinians want to destroy the state of Israel far more than they want to create a state for themselves; that they are planning a new holocaust even as they are denying the Holocaust that actually happened. We have identified those who want a new genocide, here and abroad, and also identified the Big Lies that the international left has created to transform Israel from a state threatened with extinction into the Goliath oppressing the Palestinians.

Throughout the years I have called on you to help the Freedom Center fund different initiatives to defend our shared beliefs. But never before has the need been so severe as today. We cannot allow Barack Obama to single-handedly destroy Israel. That's why I'm urgently asking you to make a generous, tax-deductible contribution to the Freedom Center today. Whether you can give $25 or $2,500--your support is invaluable.

The Freedom Center is a plain speaking organization. We have defended Israel and its right to exist with passion and have called out the advocates of a new genocide for whom and what they are. We have named names--in this case the names of the enablers (some of them, unaccountably, Jews themselves) of the new War Against the Jews. We have published over 500,000 copies of pamphlets exposing the lies that have just culminated in the President's shameful and unnecessary speech. We have defended Jewish students at university campuses across the country from the unholy alliance between the pro-jihadists and the radical left that controls campus political life today. I have spoken on hundreds of campuses, produced DVDs, written books, taken out ads in campus papers, Jewish papers and the New York Times about the existential threat facing Israel. In doing so, I have raised the ire of some of my fellow Jews, including many mainstream Jewish organizations, for being to o "confrontational." But listening to Barack Obama yesterday, I fear that I wasn't confrontational enough.

That the President should have delivered such a blow against Israel in the face of the Palestinian Authority's new alliance with Hamas, the terror group that tried to exterminate it, wants to exterminate all Jews, and has vowed never to acknowledge a Jewish State is incomprehensible. That he should have implicitly linked the Palestinians' rejectionism to the revolutionary democratic spirit coursing through the rest of the Middle East in this Arab Spring calls his judgment, as well as his political vision, into question.

Will you show President Obama that he is in the wrong by standing with the Freedom Center and Israel today and making a tax-deductible donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more right away?

I have said for years that Israel is the canary in the mine, and as she goes, so goes America and the West. This tiny nation, besieged on all sides since its birth and now subjected to slanders by the international left in league with resurgent anti-Semitism throughout the world, stands at the frontlines of the War on Terror. That war will become all the more dangerous now that the President has put Israel further on the defensive and implicitly supported the aspirations of an organization, Hamas, that past U.S. presidents have condemned as terrorist and refused to countenance.

The Freedom Center will redouble its efforts to defend israel and show all Americans, particularly college students, the true nature of Hamas and its apologists on our campuses in the coming months. Between now and the UN meetings set for this Fall, we are going to publish and mail 250,000 more copies of our pamphlets on Israel. Our "Palestinian Wall of Lies" ad that ran in the New York Times will be submitted to another 100 papers in America and Israel. Our DVD and internet campaigns will be expanded and we will organize teach-ins on more campuses, particularly around the time of the upcoming UN meetings, which will become, as we all know, pep rallies for Palestinians and hatefests directed against the Israelis. Never Again is more than a slogan: it is a commitment and a pledge.

The Freedom Center is willing to go into battle on behalf of Israel and against Obama's careless intention to throw it under the bus of history. But we need you to provide the ammunition for this crucially important war of words. You have supported me and my efforts to call out Israel's enemies for many years. Now that Israel faces its most significant threat since the intifada, when Palestinians suicide bombers were killing its citizens in the streets, I am calling on you to help again. Please join our "Save Israel" Campaign today by making as generous of a donation as possible. There is much to do; the time is short.

Thank you again for all your support.
David Horowitz
President & Founder

P.S. Yesterday President Obama proclaimed that a Palestinian state should be drawn in accordance with 1967 borders. Never before has an American President so blatantly endorsed Palestine's plan to destroy Israel. So we must fight back. Over the years I know I've asked a lot of you, but never has the situation been so dire. Will you please make a generous contribution right away to help the Freedom Center defend Israel? Thank you in advance for your support.

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  1. Mr. Horowitz it seems is right on target with his comments about Obama and others trying to divide up the land, that the LORD "gave to His people" and told them NOT to do so, and sadly MANY will pay a very heavy price (including those in America)for going against God Almighty and 'His Land'. God have mercy on and help us ALL.