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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Obama, Netanyahu to meet at U.N. in New York

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are set to meet on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

Netanyahu is scheduled to arrive Wednesday in New York for the General Assembly meeting. He told his Cabinet Sunday that he will meet with Obama, as well as other world leaders, upon his arrival.

White House National Security Council spokesman Ben Rhodes confirmed the scheduled meeting to reporters over the weekend. Obama is not scheduled to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, according to the White House.

Netanyahu and Abbas are both scheduled to address the General Assembly on Sept. 23, after which Abbas said he will submit a bid for full membership for the state of Palestine in the U.N. Security Council.

The truth is Israelis want peace, Israel wants peace - but the actions of Netanyahu don't. What's your problem Obama and Netanyahu? You are acting like villians of the peace process,  if you are not willing to acknoweldge what you say from the other mouth, what good is your word? Netanyahu will dupe Obama or scare the crap out of him.

Mike Ghouse
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"The U.N. is not a place where Israel wins praise, but I think that it is important that I go there in order to represent both the State of Israel and the truth -- and the truth is that Israel wants peace and the truth is that the Palestinians are doing everything to torpedo direct peace negotiations," Netanyahu said Sunday.

Netanyahu reiterated that the only way for Israel and the Palestinians to achieve a peace agreement is through direct negotiations. He said that Abbas a year ago had declared a year ago that the Palestinians' goal was to be accepted as a U.N. member and its attempt "will fail."

"It will fail because it must go through the U.N. Security Council. Decisions that are binding on U.N. members pass through the Security Council," the Israeli leader said. "I am convinced that the activity of the U.S., which is deeply cooperating with us, as well as the activity of other governments with which we are also cooperating will result in the failure of this attempt."

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  1. When the United Nations finally agreed on being one voice. Though it has been so long ago, I seem to remember someone and I don't recall who said or what nation it was but words to the effect that "IF THERE IS A DEVIL OR SATAN SO BE IT"! What a statement, (I remember saying to myself.) With that said. Those in and under the power of Almighty God had better clear their brains and realize what has been going on all this time. There is a Satan and things are about to happen. I have always believed and have tried to sound a trumpet to the people that we are about to witness a Devine Intervention. I feel that God has almost everything in place now! All except the situation with Israel,Palestine and Obama. This is the only solution that will take precedence and straighten out this situation on earth. A coincidence we have and I have no idea what it means or why but both Netanyahu and Obama are Free Masons if that has anything to do with anything at all. However, I believe President Obama better step back and have Norad ready to defend the USA. Don't cause harm to the Israel or its people. No country and those responsible has survived trying to take over Israel. If indeed Obama turns out to cause the demise of Israel, America and its people will become ashes. Prime Minister Netanyahu has to make a decision once and for all. Israel remains as it is with no exceptions.He and only he has that responsibility! If he decides peace with Palestine. Presumably all hell will break out after a shouting of Peace, Peace! Then God will take over turning non believers into believers and possibly an Earthquake that the world has never seen. Splitting the Mount of Olives in half. President Obama back off from Israel! Please! Felix Guerrera American.