WARNING : This site is not for you if you cannot see the otherness of other and sufferings of both sides of the party in the conflict. Security for Israel and Justice for the Palestinians are interdependent, one will not happen without the other. My view focuses on building cohesive societies where no one has to live in apprehension or fear of the other. I hope and pray a sense of justice to prevail. Amen. Website www.IsraelPalestineDialogue.com | Also Check Israel Palestine Confederation a pragmatic solution

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Board Members of the Israeli-Palestinian confederation

I am pleased to join the Israeli-Palestinian confederation committee to participate and contribute towards the peace process for the people of Israel and Palestine. With full empathy and affection for both the peoples, I have consciously chosen to remain detached from taking sides; however, you will find me critical of the leadership as well as a few individuals in the process.

It is based on the lessons I have learned from my parents, who remained objective on the issues of world affairs and being “just” was their approach to life. In an article at Huffington Post, I wrote about my life time (jihad) struggle in applying the “just” values to the conflict between the people of Israel and Palestine and I am pleased to copy the following two paragraphs from that article:

My father is my hero and had opened the doors of wisdom to me. He taught me one of the biggest lessons of my life in social cohesiveness and dealing with extremism that I continue to reflect in my speeches, acts and write ups.

During the communal (religious) riots in the early '60s, both Muslims and Hindus were killed in the mayhem. I wish every father in India, America, Israel, and elsewhere teaches this lesson to his kids. He told us the "individuals" were responsible for the bloodshed and not the religions; he would emphasize that you cannot blame an intangible like religion and expect justice, we must blame the individuals who caused it and punish them accordingly for disturbing the peace and thus bring a resolution to the conflict by serving justice. He was crystal clear: You cannot annihilate, kill, hang or beat the religion, so why bark at it?

We have to come to grips with the reality that other people's suffering is as legitimate as our own; it is easy to see ourselves as victims, but we must also see the perpetrator in us, when we don’t feel others’ pain,  turn the other way or not speak up when we see others are wronged.

When we strip the politics out of a conflict, we see hope; we can value others suffering without lessening our own; the overriding desire to highlight our own blinds us from feeling other's suffering, making a less of a human of us. A sense of responsibility for creating a better world needs to be awakened, and ultimately safety and peace for everyone should be driving our thoughts. One will never be at peace when others around are not.

In the many articles I have written, there are times when an Israeli or the Palestinian may feel that I have not stood up enough for them that is because of my struggle to be just; I rather fail in my struggle than lose my sense of fairness. Deep down I believe the Jewish and Palestinian people want the Americans to be honest and sincere and take a tough stand and end this conflict that is consuming them eternally. 

Joining the Israel Palestine confederation is one more step for me in my quest for Justice for the people. I believe if we can be a tiny catalyst in bringing a resolution to the a sixty year old conflict, and not thousands of years as some politician point,  a majority of the conflicts that were mothered by this conflict will fade and solutions will emerge.

Mike Ghouse
. . . . . . . 


About the members of the organization, copied straight from the website: http://www.ipconfederation.org/about-us.aspx  

The Israeli-Palestinian Confederation Committee is a group of volunteers who joined together to educate the public through symposiums, debates, dialogue and cultural exchanges about a possible mechanism for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Our members include Muslims, Jews and Christians from all walks of life.

We do not aim to benefit one side over the other. We have a comprehensive plan to improve relations between Israelis and Palestinians through education, engagement and dialogue. We believe that both the Israelis and the Palestinians in the United States can reduce tension and achieve more understanding through engagement.

includes the following individuals:

Josef Avesar, President and Founder

Josef Avesar is an Israeli-born attorney who resides in Southern California. He has written numerous articles and commentaries, including: “The Israeli-Palestinian Confederation”; “Why Would the Israeli and Palestinian Government Accept a Confederation?”; “An Israeli-Palestinian Confederation Creates a Fair and Balanced Mechanism to Resolve the Issues”; “Israeli and Palestinian Governments Too Busy to Make Peace”; “Israeli-Palestinian Confederation Could Have Helped Prisoner Exchange”; “An Israeli-Palestinian Confederation Could Have Saved the Violence in Gaza”; “It’s Time to Take the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by the Horns”; and “Israeli-Palestinian Confederation 101. He is the author of the book “ Peace, A Case for an Israeli Palestinian Confederation.”
Phone No.: (818) 783-2934
Email: josefavesar@sbcglobal.net

Nicholas Allis, Founding Member

Nicholas Allis received his bachelor’s degree from Yale University and is a graduate of Georgetown University Law School. He is a recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award from the California Trial Lawyers Association, and the President’s Award 1992 and Distinguished Service Award 1995 from the Beverly Hills Bar Association.
Phone No.: (310) 560-6923
Email: nallislaw@aol.com

Sumner Fein, Founding Member (Treasurer of IPC)

Sumner Fein is the treasurer of the Israeli-Palestinian Confederation. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics with an emphasis in accounting from UCLA in 1969. He is a certified public accountant licensed by the state of California since 1973. Mr. Fein has been employed by several national accounting firms and has been in solo practice since 1985.
Phone No.: (310) 701-9695
Email: sumner@keyway.net

Robby Gordon

Dr. Robby Gordon was born in Israel and lived there until the age of 21. He has been active in the peace movement since he was 14. In the United States, he has been involved in several peace movements for the Middle East, including Tikkun, Peace Now, and Seeds for Peace. He has been the co-chair of the Cousins Club, an organization of Palestinians, Arabs, Jews, Israelis, and others who are interested in peace in the Middle East. He is on the board of Al Amal School, which is the only school that teaches about peace in the West Bank. Dr. Gordon is the father of two children and lives in Irvine. He owns a mortgage company and is an independent financial planner.
Phone No.: 949-733-0607
Email: drgordon@yourloans.org

Dan Henrickson

Dan Henrickson joined the IPC board in April 2007. He became interested in its philosophy and plan and decided to help promote its activities. Mr. Henrickson is dedicated to peace and to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a fair and just manner.
Phone No.: 310-422-7773
Email: dan@henrickson.net

Abed A. Jlelati, Founding Member

Abed A. Jlelati was born in Damascus, Syria, in 1962 and arrived in the U.S. in 1983. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1989 and completed an MBA in 1997, both from California State University, Fullerton. In 1996, Mr. Jlelati started working in the skateboarding industry. He held a vice presidential post in World Industries, Inc. and various positions with Mastermind Distribution, Inc. as CEO and CFO. Mr. Jlelati is currently consulting in the skateboarding industry. By working with the Free Muslims Coalition, he hopes to curtail the ideology that fosters terrorism.
Phone No.: (562) 897-6800
Email: california2@freemuslims.org

Mohamed Awadalla, Founding Member

Born in Egypt Dec. 25, 1967, the time I born on has some impact how I perceive the Israeli Arab issue, when I moved to the US in 2000 and I started to know people from different background, and then start to learn a lot about others in a very dynamic diverse community, I spend many years work in the Hotel Management Industry in Hilton International Egypt, I have study Hotel management in Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern Switzerland (SHL), Now Iʼm Certified Real Estate Agent, and Iʼm started to combined this with being Financial Advisor career.
Email: Awadalla@aol.com

David Marcus, Esq., Founding Member
Real property attorney David Marcus is dedicated to a fair resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and his law degree from Loyola Law School. He was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1979.
Phone No.: (310) 528-8623
Email: dmarcus@mwsdlaw.com

Ferial Masry, Founding Member

Ferial Masry was born in Saudi Arabia. She is politically active in numerous organizations that support democracy and social progress. In 2005, Masry was invited to the International Jeddah Economic Forum to speak about her experiences with American-style democracy as a Saudi-born woman who ran for office in her adopted country. She joined many notable public figures, including former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Zbigniew Brzezinski, in recounting her fascinating experience. In 2005, she was awarded the Human Rights Award at the Ronald Reagan Library, and she was the recipient of the 2006 Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Democrat of the Year award. Masry is fluent in Arabic and English.
Phone No.: (805) 300-7226
Email: ferial_masry@yahoo.com

Aida Porteneuve, Founding Member

Aida Porteneuve was born in Lebanon. She is an American citizen who has lived in the U.S. for more than 42 years. A graduate of California State University, Long Beach, Mrs. Porteneuve worked for the California State University system, from which she is now retired. She is presently an activist involved in social justice and peace issues, and she chairs the Peace in Action committee of First Congregational Church of Long Beach.
Phone No.: 562-439-4162
Email: aidapa@yahoo.com

Kathleen O'Connor Wang, Founding Member

Kathleen O'Connor Wang is a field interviewer for the U.S. Bureau of the Census. Ms. Wang has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.Her interest in the Israeli Palestinian issue began in 2000 as the 2nd intifada brought Israel and Palestine more attention and concern. Subsequently Kathleen became involved in peace activism and appreciates IPC as a vehicle for peace and understanding between people.In August 2008 she became a volunteer passenger for freegaza.org and traveled with others on a 2 boat "flotilla" to Gaza.The 44 passengers were welcomed as the first foreign boats to land in Gaza's Seaport in 41 years.The culmination of that voyage included all being honored with Palestinian citizenship and Palestinian passport.
Phone No.: 562-435-1583
Email: Katowang2@aol.com

Harvey Youngman, Founding Member

Harvey Youngman was born in Palestine and received his education in Los Angeles. He is the owner of Deal Makers Machinery and is a broker of manufacturing machinery for aerospace companies and machine shops.
CELL 805-796-1947
Email: harvster21@hotmail.com

Oyun Puntsagdorj

Oyun Puntsagdorj was born and grew up in Mongolia. She graduated as a mining engineer with a master’s degree, highest honors, in mining engineering from Irkutsk Polytechnical University in Russia in 1986. She worked as a mining project engineer in Mongolia until she came to the United States in 1999. She has a California general contractors license, real estate brokers license, paralegal certificate, tax preparer's certificate, and is currently working as a paralegal while studying accounting.
Email: sanbudda@yahoo.com

Murad Salah

Murad Salah is a Palestinian citizen who resides in Ramalla. Mr. Salah has a bachelor’s degree in accounting with a minor in business administration from Birzeit University. He is the financial officer for the Palestinian Businessmen Association in Ramalla, an organization with over 300 members. Mr. Salah is able to speak, read, and write Arabic, English, and Hebrew. He believes in the cooperation that a confederation can foster to assist both the Palestinian and Israelis achieve peace.
Phone No.:052-279-2024
Email: coolsmart20500@yahoo.com


Muhammad Mukhtar Alam
Muhammad Mukhtar Alam,Ph.D from a village called Kishandaspur in Bhagalpur district of Bihar,India and based in New Delhi has been active in peace building since 1989 when he co-founded International Youth for Humanity and organized several meetings and seminars addressing the critical issues and building the voice of third world nations through active engagement with students and scholars while staying at International Student’s House,Delhi University as a student of Department of Psychology in 1988-1994. Since then he had been working in the social development sector with national and international organizations and government agencies through developing programmers in the field of education, health, gender justice , climate change mitigation and ecologically safe agriculture. He calls for preparing for the new millennia of peace and believes that the proposal of an Israeli Palestinian Confederation is not only good for a person of Palestine and Israel but it is geared for the ecologically safe and socially inclusive millennium for which all the world citizens seeking peace must contribute. His works can be seen at http://slideshare.net/mukhtaralam
Email: mukhtar.ceasig@gmail.com

Jehad S.A. Aldairi
I reside in Ramallah Palestine. I graduated from the Arab American University in Palestine in computer information technology. I was born in Jenin but reside in Ramallah, West Bank. I speak Arabic, English, French, German and Hebrew. I would like to help make peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
Email: jehad_2004_2004@hotmail.com

Dr. Saleem H. Ali
Dr. Saleem H. Ali is Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont's Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Director of the Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security at UVM's James Jeffords Center for Policy Research. He is also on the adjunct faculty of Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies and the visiting faculty for the United Nations mandated University for Peace (Costa Rica).Dr. Ali's research focuses on the causes and consequences of environmental conflicts and how ecological factors can promote peace. Much of his empirical research has focused on environmental conflicts in the mineral sector. His most recent book is titled Treasures of the Earth: Need, Greed and a Sustainable Future (Yale University Press). Dr. Ali is also involved in numerous nonprofit organizations to promote environmental peace-building and serves on the board of The DMZ Forum for Peace and Nature Conservation and International Peace Park Expeditions. Dr. Ali is a strong supporter of the Israeli Palestinian Confederation since 2005 when he participated in its first symposium at UCLA.
Twitter: :) @saleem_ali

Orit Agami
As a journalist for print media as well as radio and television, I had my share of reporting on the news as well as other people’s work. Subsequent to Prime Ministers Rabin’s assassination I felt the need to make a difference. I joined Shimon Perez center for Peace as their spokeswomen until the second Intifada. I later worked for five years as for a nonprofit organization called Agenda helping a variety of nonprofits organizations develop and flourish. I now have an Internet business fulfilling contents and substance. I consider myself a mover and a shaker. This is why I joined the Israeli Palestinian Confederation. I feel that a third government for Israel and Palestine could move and shake the existing governments to find solutions for peace.
Phone No.:972-54-7722238
Email: orit.agami@gmail.com

Natalie Awad
Natalie Awad was born in Chicago, Illinois and currently lives in Southern California. Awad's mother was born in Haifa, Palestine and her father was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Awad has family in Ramallah and firmly  believes with the implementation of the IPC there can be peace achieved in the region. Awad works as a registered nurse for the State Dept. of Corrections within the Prison System and inmate population. Awad is a strong advocate for the oppressed and those who are denied their basic human rights.
Email: nattyawad@gmail.com

Anan B. Boshnaq
I was born in Tulkarem on August 29, 1983. I currently reside in Ramallah City and work as a marketing & shipping manager for Freight International Company. I have worked for advertising and marketing companies for several years. I am now obtaining my MBA through the institute of International Business Relations which is related to Steinbeis University in Berlin, Germany. I received my Bachelors Degree in Marketing from the Arab American University in Jenin. I speak, read and write English, Hebrew, Turkish and Arabic. I joined the Israeli Palestinian Confederation in order to promote peace and prosperity between the two people.
Mobile - PS: + (972 / 970) (59 / 56) 9727867
Orange - IL: + (972 / 970) 54 9055789
E-mail: boshnaganan@gmail.com

Hervé L. Cheuzeville’
Hervé Cheuzeville was born in 1960. He studied oriental languages and civilizations at the Institut National des Langues et Cicilisations Orientales of Paris, where he obtained several degrees in 1983 and 1985. Since April 1989, he spent most of the time working in Africa helping various humanitarian organizations. He also traveled widely in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle-East. He wrote several books on his experiences including the Israeli Palestinian Confederation as a mean to resolve the conflict. He gave many lectures about his work and books in several Universities, schools and conferences in Europe and Africa. When he does not work in faraway lands, Hervé Cheuzeville stays at his family home in the Mediterranean island of Corsica.
Email: achecer@yahoo.fr

Jill Davis
Jill Davis has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Film Studies and Film Production and a minor in International Relations. Her interest in film and human rights lead her down the path towards political documentaries, which lead her to the Arab/Israeli conflict. She has made 2 student documentary films about the conflict. She has a Masters degree in Political Science, has obtained her Film Certificate and is currently working on her Religious Studies Certificate. She currently works at a law firm as a legal assistant. She has studied many aspects of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through research, writing, activism and film; she is dedicated to resolving the conflict in a fair, humane and peaceful manner.
Email: jdmoviefrk@msn.com

Hanna Elias
Hanna Elias was born in Jish village near Nazareth, Galilee. Graduated from the Hebrew university in Jerusalem with BA degree in Sociology and Middle East Studies. In 1991 he graduated with MFA in film production from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He directed several short films, including "The Mountain" (1992). In 1997 he directed and produced the Israeli/Palestian co-production of Children's Television Workshop of "Sesame Street" (CTW, New York). Then from 1998-1999, he worked for the United Nations on a series of promotional films on democracy and women rights in Palestine. The Olive Harvest is his first full-length film. Hanna Elias participated in an IPC symposium in Santa Monica and strongly supports its goals for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians
Email: HannaElias7@gmail.com

Sarwat Ezzeldin
Sarwat Ezzeldin, was born in Cairo, Egypt, received his bachelor’s degree in business administration / accounting in 1975, and diploma in computer science in 1977. He moved to the New York in 1977, held several managerial positions with some national & International Insurance and Reinsurance firms until he retired in 2007. He is currently a member of the Outreach Committee in the Orange County Islamic Foundation. Involved in many community service activities. As an avid reader of history, living thru the 1956, 1967, & the 1973 wars; and the historic Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, he is a firm believer that peaceful co-existence can be achieved with justice. Sarwat Ezzeldin joined the IPC in 2008 believing that an Israeli Palestinian confederation can solve many problems in order to achieve a long lasting peace and prosperity not only for the Israeli and Palestinian people, but for the whole region. Sarwat Ezzeldin has two children. And currently lives in Laguna Niguel, California.
Email: sezzeldin@msn.com

Dr. Fred E. Foldvary
Dr. Fred E. Foldvary, was born in British Palestine in 1946 and lives in Berkeley, California. He received his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University, and teaches economics at Santa Clara University. Foldvary is the author of The Soul of Liberty, Public Goods and Private Communities, and Dictionary of Free Market Economics. He has spoken on and written several articles about peace and confederation plans for Israel and Palestine. Foldvary's areas of research and publications include public finance, governance, ethical philosophy, and land economics.
Email: ffoldavry@scu.edu

Yael Gidanian
Yael Gidanian is a master student in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Islam and Middle Eastern studies department. She also had her bachelor degree at the Hebrew U. Yael is currently working in university, and active in several peace organizations in the holy land including the Israeli Palestinian Confederation.
Phone No.: 050-6535692
Email: ibexgg@gmail.com

Mike Ghouse
Mike Ghouse , was born in India and has chosen America to be his homeland for nearly 30 years. Mike has been a commissioner at the City of Carrollton and a board member of several organizations including Dallas Peace Center. He is president of the Foundation for Pluralism championing the idea of co-existence by respecting the otherness of other and accepting the God given uniqueness of each one of the seven billion of us. He is deeply committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day to the media and the public. He is a speaker, teacher, thinker and a writer on the topics of pluralism, cohesive societies, politics, Islam, interfaith and Peace in India and Israel. Mike has spoken at several international conferences including a peace conference in Jerusalem, he maintains a Blog on Israel Palestine Dialogue and among many established events, the annual reflections on Holocaust and Genocides, Unity Day and other events to build cohesive Societies. He is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and several nationally syndicated radio talk shows. Over a thousand articles have been published on the topics and two of his books are poised to be released on Pluralism and America. Mike's work is reflected in several websites and blogs indexed at www.mikeghouse.net.
Phone No.: 214-325-1916
Email: mikeghouse@aol.com

Jeff Goldstein
Jeffrey Goldstein was born and grew up in Long Island, New York. He is married to Leah Sadras and they have two daughters. He lived in Jerusalem, Israel from 1974-1977, and from 1994 until the present time. He has practiced Attunement and other energetic and spiritual healing techniques since 1974. He is a teacher of Attunement since 1995 and a co-partner in a DJ Business with Leah. Jeff started his spiritual journey in 1972 with the community: Emissaries of Divine Light. Through the years he expanded his knowledge studying Philosophy, Attunement, Spiritual Psychology, Reike, massage and various other healing modalities. Jeff Goldstein is a certified Attunement Teacher with the International Attunement Guild. http://www.attunement.org/ Since 1995- he has been teaching classes and seminars on the Attunement balancing technique and the philosophy that comes with it all over Israel. As well as having private sessions with people, in which he helps them to grow spiritually, to find their path, to help strengthen them physically and mentally or simply to calm them down and focus on what really is their heart's desire. For 13 years he has  voluntarily coordinated a yearly Spiritual Peace gathering, called Jerusalem Celebration of light. It is held in the Jerusalem forest. The gathering attracted several hundred people from all over Israel each time. They come from different religions, ethnic and age groups. The theme is to promote Spiritual Peace and to fill Jerusalem with light and peace vibrations. Jeff also volunteers in various spiritual peace groups around Israel and Palestine doing energy for peace circles. His Passion is to help the world become more peaceful and to help individuals play their part better at all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Email: jeffleah@actcom.co.il

Dr. Mahmoud Haj
Dr. Mahmoud Haj, was born 8 years before the establishment of Israel state. He has studied medicine at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and graduated in 1970. He was trained and continued to work as a qualified general surgeon at the Nahariy Government hospital until he has retired in 2008. His patients were Arabs and Jews, residents of the western Galilee in the north of Israel. During his life he was politically inactive but discussed his ideas of peace with his numerous Arab and Jewish friends. He believes in peaceful talks to solve problems of any kind. He is aware of the need of Arabs and Jews for living peacefully with mutual respect, neighborly and dignity. At the end of 2011, he decided to join the Israeli-Palestinian confederation as the suitable attitude for creating good environment for future peace resolutions.
Phone No.: 972 4 9920512
Cell Phone: 972-50 6590051
Email: mahmoud.drhaj@yahoo.com

Hatem .A.M. Harazin
I reside in Gaza Palestine. I graduated from the Al Quds Open University in Palestine in accountancy. I was born in Gaza on 14.12.1971. I speak Arabic, English, and Hebrew. I work as a representative of the international organization in the Middle East (American Medical Resources Foundation, Inc) www.amrf.com I would like to help make peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
Cell Phone: 00970599384828
Email: amrf1988@gmail.com

Bernard J. Henry
A national of France, was born in 1970 to a Frenchman and an Italian Frenchwoman. He is a disabled person by birth. Since 1994 Bernard has worked as a Human Rights Defender with several NGOs, most notably Amnesty International where he is a volunteer with the French Section, specializing in refugee issues. Bernard is Secretary-General of AFEMCI, a French-based feminist organization. He is also the External Relations Officer of the Representative Office to the United Nations in Geneva of the Association of World Citizens. Bernard is a paralegal by trade. He is also a part-time photo and video reporter.Bernard holds Certificates of Course Completion in Conflict Analysis and Conflict Management and Negotiation from the United States Institute of Peace Academy. In 2009 Bernard received the Israeli Palestinian Confederation’s main award, the Golden Heart Medal.
Phone 00 33 9 70466346
Fax 00 33 1 78769559
Email: bjhworld@hotmail.fr
Website www.awcungeneva.com

Todd Hoover
Is honored to be part of the Israeli Confederation and believes for peace to prevail and to move forward, we  will need to honestly review solutions with the next generation. Todd maintains and created several web sites with an extensive album of videos and photographs, a Democratic events calendar, important announcements and employment opportunities. Todd is a Community photographer and videographer. He is the Corresponding Secretary for the Democratic Club of the Santa Clarita Valley, a representative for the 37th AD for the California Democratic Party’s State Central Committee, the LACDP and the DPSFV. Professionally, Todd is a Systems Administrator, and has worked at Northrop Grumman 13 years. He is currently employed by Hewlett Packard. He holds a BA in Business Administration and Spanish from CSU, Chico. Todd is married to Minerva Leah Williams and they reside in Santa Clarita Valley, California.
Email: crazycatherder@car.rr.com
Website: www.scvyoungdems.org

Munjed Husseini
A Palestinian born in Jerusalem, has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, and member of the Palestinian Engineer Association, I have a strong belief in peace with all the people. I joined IPC in Feb. 2011.
Email: Munjed@live.com

Linda S. Keough - Executive Account Manager/Tax Administrator
I was born and raised in California but now reside in the beautiful state of Oregon. About 15 years ago I met a woman who opened my eyes and changed my life. She is a professor of criminology at Haifa University and  visiting professor at USC and UCLA. She is a Palestinian, born in Israel. She is married to a Palestinian doctor and they live in Jerusalem within sight of The Wailing Wall. I heard first hand and for the first time what was actually happening between Israel and Palestine. I wanted to learn more and have studied and read everything I could get my hands on, both from the Israeli perspective and the Palestinian perspective. I joined the IPC in 2008 in an endeavor to help bring about change in the region. I firmly believe a confederation will bring about peace and I am honored to be a part of it.
Phone No.: 818.321.2529
Email: leschef2@yahoo.com

Jaber Kuhail
Email: mr.jab88@hotmail.com

Eli Meshulam
I am an attorney at Law practicing since 2001. I specialize in Civil and Commerce Law. I received my LLB degree in Law from the Law Academy in Ramat-Gan Israel and my Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1998 after my military services, I joined Shulamit Aloni with the Peace and Civil Rights movement. In 1992 I joined the Meretz Party and managed one of their election centers. Since 1996 after the assisination of Prime Minister Rabin, I become a member in the labor party. During my political activities, I have participated in many peace conferences between Israelis and Palestinians as well as many demonstrations in Israel supporting peace and the two states formula for peace. In 1989 I have organized at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem major conference, which included Keneset member, Yosi Sarid, and Dr. Sari Nusseibeh in which both of them have presented a common formula to resolve the conflict with the Palestinian and Israeli states side by side. I joined the Israeli Palestinian Confederation as an alternative method to resolve this conflict.
Email: elimlaw@gmail.com

Ahmed Al Nammourh
I received my Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineer from Palestine Polytechnic University and a Master Degree in Engineering Management from An-Najah National University. I reside in Hebron West Bank Palestine. I have worked for Qalqilia Municipality, The Korean Palestinian IT Institute, An Najah National University, as a consultant and monitor and Survey Engineer. I speak English, French, Hebrew and Arabic. I would like to help the Israeli Palestinian Confederation make peace so that we cab prosper in this area of the world.
Phone No.: 00972 599 035791
Email: ahmadnmora@yahoo.com

Amer Mohamed Qabaha
Amer Qadaha is A Palestinian resident of Ramallah. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Egypt and a Master degree in Planning and Political Development. He Received training at the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. Amer is a supporter of the Israeli Palestinian Confederation and is willing to utilize his international knowledge and experience to help create peace.
Email: qabaha.amer@hotmail.com

Jeanmarie Simpson
Jeanmarie Simpson is a peace activist and theatre artist. During the first decade of the 21st Century, she toured the world with A Single Woman, her performance based on the life of first US Congresswoman and lifelong pacifist, Jeannette Rankin. As a lifetime member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Simpson has traveled to the Middle East several times and is deeply concerned with the political and socio-economic divides there. She seeks to unite peoples through community projects that provide mutually beneficial resource development to everyone, with an emphasis on justice for women and children. Her new work, Mary's Joy, explores the life of Mary Dyer, the first colonial woman executed in the "New World." Simpson is a mother and a grandmother and is married to artist-entomologist Gene Hall. I have joined the Israeli Palestinian Confederation to promote peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
Email: jeanmarie.simpson@gmail.com

Amnon Thaller
My parents immigrated to Israel from Germany. They taught me tolerance and understanding towards all people. As a child I had Arab friends. I practice my philosophy of tolerance and equality. I have discovered my ability as a coach to resolve conflict and the Internet gives me the added ability to do so. I joined the Israeli Palestinian Confederation to promote Peace between the Israeli and Palestinian people. On my blog called “Let’s Talk Peace” you will find a post that demonstrates my approach:
Email: amnonthaller@gmail.com

Diana Luana Tzurianu
I was born Romania and immigrated to Israel with my parents when I was eight (8)years old. Today I am a mother of two boys and work as DJ and Party Producer. I graduated high school, top of my class in math, physics and English and since then have studied several subjects including computer programming, photography. I also attended dental school in Jerusalem for three (3) years. I believe the Israeli Palestinian Confederation would help both people of Israel and Palestine to get back to their life and enjoy life as it meant to be.
Email: id-music@hotmail.com
0773300698 - land

Minerva L. Williams
Minerva is a student of spiritual world community peace and a “thinker”. She believes solutions to the Middle East will occur when the US decides to educate, to act on, and to operate with integrity from the belly of all known truths and to bring honest brokers to the table. She believes, “Diplomacy will not be met with duplicitous greedy players representing either side”. Minerva is an African- American of Porache-Cree descendants, who vibrantly lives within the ferious dichotomy of political and economic intellectual exchange as an California licensed senior market insurance agent, fundraiser, community event planner, blogger, graphic artist, 38th Assembly District representative of the California State African American, Women and Progressive Caucuses in the Democratic Party, Sister, “Auntie”, ferocious reader and listener and foremost the recent wife (of Todd L. Hoover).
Email: minwilli@gmail.com
Website: www.scvdems.org

Liora Yahalom
The world of creativity revealed itself to me in words. I wrote poetry and it was as if I could see the text from the inside, spread out to me like a picture or a drawing. A strong visual sensation accompanied the text and would often take wings, grab the brush and start a conversation with the canvas and my inner soul - an intimate dialogue that was all colors. I feel the same way about the Israeli Palestinian Confederation. It is a mechanism to start a conversation with our inner soul. Peace is the conversion of all the colors beautifully displayed for all of us to see.
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Dr. Ouriel Zohar
Dr. Ouriel Zohar is the director of the Technion Theatre in Haifa Israel and a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Paris. He has also a theatre group in Paris, and in 2012 they will present a play by Balzac in the "Maison de Balzac". Prof Zohar wrote many theatre plays, 150 articles and essays in scientific reviews, poems, on the subject of the unity of humanity and our urgent need for Peace. He has directed major projects relating to the issues of Jewish Muslim and Christian co-existence in Israel. He worked many times with Palestinian theaters, directors and actors. He sees real and beautiful love between Israelis and Palestinians not only as a dream but also as a reality. He sees the Israelis Palestinian Confederation as a tool to enhance such corroboration to accommodate the needs of all people in this part of the world.
Email: theatre@technion.ac.il

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