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Monday, July 2, 2012

Myth of Zionist control on the US

Whether it is a myth, truth or propaganda, the idea that Zionists control the United States exists. Bulldozing or cursing it won’t go away, but finding a lasting solution will.

I am for Jews and Palestinians, and I am for Israel and Palestine, it’s not an irreconcilable thought, it has been floating since the creation of Israel. If we follow all the rules and resolutions, it will result in it.

A majority of Jews, Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian Christians want to move on, while a few like to continue with the status quo, obviously there is benefit in it for this tiny weeny number of people to continue the conflict. They are either control freaks or they mint money through American generosity which is recycled to our senators and congress persons, everyone makes the money while the average American loses it, and average Israeli lives in continued fear.

A few among the rightwing Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, do not give a crap about Judaism/ Israel, Christianity, Islam or Hinduism respectively. Their only interest is how to enrich themselves and control others. There's sadism in there.

These handfuls of men are really screwing up ordinary Jews and Israel by faking to protect them. None of their actions and talk will bring security to Jews or Justice to the Palestinians, it has not happened in 64 years.

The law of Karma works this way; you frighten someone around you, they may be frightened to obedience, but deep in their hearts there is resentment, and deep in your heart there is fear that they might get you in a vulnerable moment. Neither of you can live in peace and security. Everything balances out itself, that is the law of nature.

I am keeping up with this conflict, the mother of all conflicts in the world, if we can find a resolution to this, the bottom of conflicts will fall and a peaceful world will emerge.

You must read this article to fully understand the situation, http://israel-palestine-dialogue.blogspot.com/2009/09/solutions-for-israel-and-palestine.html, it prevents you from falling into the trap of prejudice.

The United States and Arabs together have messed up the situation, when there was a conflict between the Jews and Palestinians, instead of getting them to talk, we supported one or the other, armed them to fight and kill each other, and caused them to dig in their heels and deepen the chasm. Who are the losers? Of course it is the Jews and the Palestinians!

The senators and congress persons were paid off to approve the funding and supplies to Israel on a continual basis, as opposed to preventing an aggression on Israel. Right now, these few men get their funds and pay a percentage towards these corrupt representatives. It’s a scheme to make money and certainly they benefit.

Peace means, no more monies to these rascals.

The Jews and Palestinians, and above all, the Americans need to wake up to this. We the people, the people of America, Israel and Palestinians are the losers, we are not funding Israel, but funding a few men, who in turn control us.

These few men have isolated America and Israel, in the name of protecting Israel. Much of the resentment they are breeding around the world morphs into anti-Semitism, we are goddamned alone in the community of nations. Even in the United States, the latent Anti-Semitism is caused by what people see; injustice to the Palestinians and the war trumpeting, illegal settlements and human rights violations.

When the world condemns settlements, we veto it, when the world wants to stop bombing Gaza, we remain silent, look at our record in the United Nations we have always gone against the world… we have gotten away with it because we are a powerful nation and bully or pay others to obedience. We have not done the investigation as to who is benefiting from the funding to Israel – is it serving its purpose?

The Senators and congresspersons can be bought off, but the informed public remains resentful and it is not good.

The best policy is to be just, and when you follow justice and the rule of law, you cannot go wrong. Your (individual or nation) safety hinges on justice to the people around you. When you take advantage of the weak, the equation goes off balance, you continue to live in the fear of your vulnerable moment, and they will continue to wait for the moment to get even or humiliate you in any fashion they can. The more injustice you do to others, the more vulnerable you become.

The Israeli public needs to demand that their leaders need to show progress they make in peace, and not get away by blaming the others, and on the other hand, the Palestinians public needs to demand the exact same from their leaders. Israel will continue to live in fears, as long as it pursues the current policies. The ordinary Jews need to demand a regime change. The Israeli problem is their leaders and not the Palestinians, and the Palestinian problem is same; their leaders and not the Palestinian people.

Peace hinges on hope and justice for the Palestinians and security for the Israelis, anything short of justice will not produce sustainable peace" - If Jews and Palestinians can take the position that we cannot have peace when others around us don't and work on first removing bias and stereotyping from their own minds, conflicts will fade and solutions emerge.

The following video is in circulation, instead of banning it, or ordering off you tube, we all need to find lasting solutions, when we do this, this will be a meaningless video. By the way, both sides do their propaganda.

Zionist control on the U.S.

Presbyterians will possibly be divesting in Israel, long before more will join.

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