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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Israel and the Law of Karma


Justice is the foundation upon which a society rests and functions cohesively. You mess that, you get messed. I sincerely pray that the good people of Israel ponder over the future of next generation of Israelis, their security, goodwill and happiness and act accordingly. 

It is not Jews, Judaism or Israel; it is the evil actions of a few in the Israeli Government that will invoke the nature’s Law of Karma, i.e., for every wrong you do, you pay for it in terms of insecurity, anguish and abnormal life, and for every good you do, you get rewarded in terms of security, peace, goodwill and happiness. 

Native American Chief Seattle said it perfectly; "All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the webs, he does it to himself. "

Anti-Semitism will increase not because of Judaism or Jews, but because of the injustice done to fellow beings. As the world (161 of 166 Members of the United Nations) sees the gross human rights violations, they look to Jews as wrong doers instead of seeing the evil policies of the few in Israeli government. If the world Jewry does not stop these, shamefully the travels to those 161 nations will not be comfortable. 

It saddens me to see the policy makers of Israel throw justice out the window for the sake security – a wrong approach. No individual or nation will be secure if they are unjust to fellow beings. I pray that the good people see this deficiency and fix it. It’s never too late to make correction and live a secure life. 

The Jewish people may not want to see the truth, and continue to live in apprehensions continually missing chances to turn things around. The increase in  Antisemitism is a product of Israeli disrespect to to the resolution of 161 Nations,  and only 5 nations oppose - the 161 Nations have every reason to be pissed off for being disrespectful to their wisdom. This is the history at the United Nations since 1948 - 96% of nations on one side, 4% on Israel's side with a few exceptions when Israel's existence was threatened.  

It is an embarrassment to see a few Israeli leaders scheming wars against Iran, Iraq and others, and buying short-sighted alliances with other nations to live in false security. The good will is earned through common people in Argentina, France, UK, US or elsewhere to make life safer to travel anywhere, and to live without fear.

The misinterpreted verses in Bible and Torah ( of course Quran and other holy books too) have caused the right wingers to justify killings of Palestinians and usurping their land, and this will not go too far. Deep down humans are made to be just and that is where they will gravitate towards.

I care for the people of Israel and Palestine and I speak out, I don't care if the short-sighted men and women jump at me. It is this silencing that has caused Israel to drift away from doing the right thing; justice to the Palestinians and earn the long term security for Israelis. 
It is painful to see these grave mistaken policies of Israel.

My slogan is justice to Palestinians and security to Israelis, one will not happen without the other. 

As a Muslim I would like to see every one of God’s creation live in dignity, peace, goodwill and harmony, with prejudice towards none and without the fear of the other. Amen!

Take a look at the shameful rise in Anti-Semitism every where.

Before my right wing friends read the other references, please read this one first, it is who I am. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ghouse/holocaust-and-the-muslim-_b_4629509.html 

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Mike Ghouse 

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