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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Under the Rubble - an earth-shattering video from Bethlehem

Under the Rubble - an earth-shattering video by 
Rev.Dr. Munther Isaac, Evangelical Lutheran Pastor - Bethlehem 

The genocide of Palestinians continues; the entire world opposes it, but for my country.


What are we waiting for? Genocide of 6 Million Palestinians to Match the Holocaust Numbers? Has Hitler come back in the Avatar of Netanyahu and Biden? 

Some hard-hitting articles and videos are saved in a WhatsApp group as a backup. I will now start posting them here. The site is https://israel-palestine-dialogue.blogspot.com/

I oppose the idea of blaming Israel; it is not Israel unless the majority of Israelis are supporting it; it is clearly the warmongers, Biden, Netanyahu, Sunak, Sholz, and a few other creeps, going against the entire world.  Biden is the biggest one; he could have called for a ceasefire when 1,500 Palestinians were bombed. No, this bloodthirsty man even vetoed the call for a ceasefire - today, the number has reached over 20,000 - So Biden is a mass murderer of 18,500 Palestinians? 

If you don't stand up, Bethlehem is next. Jesus doesn't mean a thing to them.  The least you can do is speak up against this. 

Under the Rubble - an earth-shattering video by 
Rev.Dr. Munther Isaac, Evangelical Lutheran Pastor - Bethlehem 

Pope Francis condemned the attack: “Unarmed civilians are being bombed and shot at, and this has happened inside the Holy Family Parish complex, where there are no terrorists, but families, children, sick people with disabilities, nuns.”

The Pope continued, “Some say, ‘It’s terrorism, it’s war.’ Yes, it is war. It is terrorism.”

An Israeli airstrike caused a building belonging to the Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza to collapse. 

President Biden, Netanyahu, and the German Chancellor should be held accountable for the genocide of the people. 

I hope Pope Francis, my hero, calls on the Catholic world to stop Biden at least. 
Does Israel have to bomb all the Churches for the Christian world to take a stand? Isn't that how the Holocaust happened? The silence of the world?

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