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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gaza - where is our humanity?

Every now and then, I pull Facebook conversation as a reference, and it saddens me.
We have indeed condemned Hamas for shelling rockets and harassing the civilian Israeli population. We need to condemn Israeli pounding of Gaza as well. 

We are (Americans) manipulated into hating the Palestinian from our stinky attitudes of superiority (statements made by a few Israeli leaders and Romney), and that has lead us to justify bombing the Palestinians in revenge. How can we support annihilation of a people? It saddens me to see the bloodthirtyness on both sides.

Aren't we stripping our own humanity by dehumanizing them, of not being just to them,  justifying bombing them as revenge. Obama is damned wrong on it, so are the others.  Jews don't need fake support from us Americans, that is insincere and full of duplicity, they need genuine security, the path chosen is not the way to go about it.

We cannot justify either, nor should we goad them in their actions. If we do, we need to ponder about our own humanity.

The least we can do is pause and think about it. We said never again after the holocaust, but genocides have continued non-stop, and we are currently witnessing the annihilation of the Palestinians people by the Israelis and we cannot justify it -we need to resist the blood thirstyness in us. This will prolong the dream of Jews for security and hope of Palestinians for justice, and we will carry a moral burden on us, we may deny it, but need to consider its impact on our own balance and a sense of morality.


Here is a conversation on the facebook, that prompted me to write the above.

In Gaza, surge of support for Hamas starts to fade. The nervous ecstasy of conflict gives way to a grim status quo, as Gazans wonder what was accomplished. 

  • Rahel Limor Keep praying!
  • Paul ClarkWe can only hope. (And support the PA.)
  • Xavier Romero-Frias Because those supporters had been fed mainly propaganda
  • Mike Ghouse NO matter what any one does on either side, we should not slip from finding security for Israel and Justice for the Palestinians...10 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Grant Gochin Palestine is now a legal State. The very first missile that comes over from Palestine (Gaza) is a legal act of war by one State on another. Therefore, missile #1 from Gaza is a legal basis for a full and complete clean up. That is the legal effect of the UN Vote.8 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Mike Ghouse Grant, why are we blood thirsty? Why do we rejoice cleaning up the other? You and I are bloody safe in our homes in the United States, not those living in Gaza and Israel... we don't need more revenging, we need more understanding... of each other.8 hours ago · Like · 2
  •  Grant Gochin Do you see any understanding coming from Gaza? No, neither do I. If there is a war declaration from Gaza, they are a legal state. Very simple. The UN just protected Israel. Don't you see that?  8 hours ago · Edited · Like
  •  Mike Ghouse Grant, indeed a recognition is the right thing to do, how stupid them the Arabs and we the Americans, refusing to acknowledge each other while we exist. This recognition is relief for the Jewish people to focus back on social justice rather than not being their own selves. Take a look, the dialogue is in between...

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNYmI6MlhZw&feature=related

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