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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Letter to Israeli voter - Kudos to Peter Beinart

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Kudos to Peter Beinart
If you reelect Netanyahu, you risk losing the U.S.
Peter Beinart failed to mention that even the Jewish Americans cast nearly 70% of their vote to Barack Obama, both the times. By the way, it is one of the best letters written to the people of Israel, link included at the bottom

Workers hang a giant campaign poster showing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.I am a Muslim and a supporter of Israel, and believe in long term security of Israel and Justice for the Palestinians, one will not happen without the other. Even though I am 62; I fit the profile of Peter Beinart along with millions of other Americans.  Obama has 55% approval rating right now.

Israel’s security is placed in perpetual compromise by Mr. Netanyahu, it’s time Israel has a leader who talks and acts peace and not a destructive to its security.  He is continuously isolating Israel in the community of nations. A whopping 161 out of 166 Nations want him to behave and he violates all the times, it is slap in their face.

The rise in Anti-Semitism around the world is actually anti-Netanyahuism rather than Anti-Semitism.  United Nation resolutions are trashed regularly and bringing more isolation.

I am fully empathetic with Jewish people and their history, and have a solid record on that, I have stood up with Jews, teach about saying never again and write extensively in my Israel Palestine dialogue blog. I have a full piece in writing about the rise in Anti-Semitism and how to reverse that. Netanyahu is jeopardizing the long term security of Israel.  He is not a peace maker by any stretch of the imaginations. He is restless and won’t let anyone rest either.    

I am for the security for Israel and justice for the Palestinians, and believe that it will happen and is on the horizon, and the only hurdle is Netanyahu.

Mike Ghouse
Holocaust and the Muslim guy at Huffington Post

Letter to the Israeli voter: If you reelect Netanyahu, you risk losing the U.S.

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