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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netanyahu's great oratory is dangerous

Mike Ghouse

I urge the Republicans or those who are hell bent on wars to consider questioning his statements... he has mixed facts with fear to get support. If the support is for a better Israel, I would say yes, but Netanyahu assumes he is serving Israel, but he is jeopardizing Israel's long term security by isolating Israel in the community of nations and increased antisemitism cause by his violations of UN Resolutions.

1. He made some great points and I agree with many

2. Great Orators get people to lose reason and act emotionally

3. Use of emotion with Eli Wiesel 

4. Hitler was a great orator, creating an enemy

5. Facts did not matter to Republicans, they never have - like the WMD's? 

6. Do the Republicans have the ability to discuss or see another point of view

7. I hope Republicans speak like Americans and not Israelis,

8. Israel is our ally and not our God or our country

9. Don't forget, if America is strong, Israel is safe. Netanyahu doesn't get that.

Iran President's tweet about annihilating Israel is bad, I trust Netanyahu because he is saying it in public, but we have to verify.

Iran President's tweet about annihilating Israel is bad, I trust Netanyahu because he is saying in public, but we have to verify.

We don't have to trust Iranians, but we have to avoid wars at every cost. Netanyahu does not want peace. His aptitude is to erect an enemy to gain protection, nothing wrong with that, but that ideology leaves every one insecure in the long haul.

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