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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Gaza: Jews and Americans called to take action


The actions of the Israeli and the US leadership must be held accountable by the Jews and fellow Americans. Biden and Netanyahu are responsible for increasing Anti-Semitism around the globe. It’s time for Jews to speak up. The Holocaust of 6 million Jews will continue to haunt us. If we don't stop and speak up, these two will wipe out 6  million Palestinians. Shame on us for blindly believing the propaganda of these two men; they have lied to us before and will continue to do that. All I ask is to take time to see another point of view in addition to their propaganda. 

Thanks to JVP, Not in my name, and other organizations for speaking up.  We need to prevent another genocide
Also, check out the dangerous statements made by the Israeli leaders. 

A Call to Action


For 75 years and still counting, on each day and in full view to the world, the Zionists have progressed with their plan of a more racially pure state that includes the genocide of the Palestinian people. For 75 years, no effort has halted the destruction and, from contemporary events in Gaza and the West Bank, no power or movement is available to prevent the inevitable.  

A Zionist-controlled media reaches out to hundreds of millions in the Western world, each fortifying the newspeak of the other, all paralyzing the minds and actions of an innocent world. How many Americans are aware of the reality of apartheid Israel’s actions?

The Zionists have determined how to construct a more racially pure state and extinguish the Palestinian presence in the country without the world reacting to the genocide — break their bones and break their will to live.

Words cannot halt the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people. Only decisive and well-planned actions can reclaim the world for the billions of honorable, just, and peace-loving people who contend a relative minority of racist murderers that create victims by playing victim. If xenophobe assassins carry out their genocide of the Palestinian people, the world will remain unsafe and in turmoil until collapse.

Let the world peoples, who have knowledge and interest in the Middle East strife, vote on who is the aggressor and who needs to be contained; assuredly, at least 70 percent would cite the Israelis as the aggressor that has to be contained. Yet, a relatively small minority controls the information and decides the outcome. How can that be?

I felt the full impact of this information and mind control while viewing the PBS News Hour. The interviewers beat the drum for apartheid Israel’s aggression and acted snide with those who defended the Palestinian position. The most upsetting moment came when a PBS commentator displayed an image on an outside wall at George Washington University where Students for Justice in Palestine had projected, “Free Palestine, From the River to the Sea.”

The commentator then asked another commentator, “How do you feel when you see they want to destroy Israel from the river to the sea and all Jews?” The reply to this fabricated and twisted remark should have been that the message does not remotely intimate that sentiment and the truth is that the Zionist Jews have destroyed Palestine and are seeking to destroy all Palestinians from the river to the sea.

The initial deception led to the next deception ─ that the projected image is part of a pattern of anti-Semitism that is growing in the world. If this slogan is an example of anti-Semitism, then anti-Semitism is a good thing and all those who believe in justice are anti-Semites. Time to distribute tee shirts displaying the words, “I am a proud anti-Semite.”

Apartheid Israel calls itself the Jewish state, contains one-half of the world’s Jews, and Jews throughout the world support Israel’s genocidal policies. Is it unusual for some people to identify Jews with the atrocities committed against the Palestinians and feel justified in verbally and physically attacking them? Muslims were unfairly attacked after the violent attacks on 9/11, but there was no identification of the Muslim street with the attacks and indications of sympathy with the al-Qaeda cause. Not so with the Jewish street, most of whom celebrate apartheid Israel and the Zionist cause. Zionism, Israel, and Jews are linked together.

Despicable comments by Israel supporters reinforce the harsh attitude toward Jews. Here are some.

“God will protect the Jewish state from horrible Islamic rats.”
 “Who in their right mind would support a Palestinian agenda that seeks death and annihilation of a tiny Jewish nation, using lies and the death of their own children to further their evil cause?”
“The people of Gaza made their bed by OVERWHELMINGLY electing terrorist Hamas as their leaders, they knew what they wanted even though the billions that flowed to Gaza were wasted on weapons, anti-Semitic education, terrorism not making lives of the people better, no tears for them.”

Nowhere in the contemporary Western world have leaders uttered the repulsive words attributed to the leaders of the “Jewish state,” words expected from leaders of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Rationalizing the slaughter of innocent Gazan civilians by connecting them with the quasi-Hamas government backfires. If the Gazan citizens are responsible for the violent actions of Hamas and deserve to be killed, then Israeli citizens are responsible for the genocidal actions of their elected officials and also deserve to be killed. The Israeli citizens are the children of the Zionists who stole the land, pillaged the resources, murdered the inhabitants, and ethnically cleansed the land of Palestinians, and they are directly involved in the continued oppression of the Palestinians and the intended genocide. Not much innocence there.

A third part of the deception package that diverts the world from recognizing that “demolishing Hamas is an excuse for Israel's excessive bombings of innocent civilians and driving the Palestinians into psychological defeat with traumas that cause the children to lose a sense of security and a will to live is the significant reason for the carnage,” ties the attack on Israelis to the World War II Holocaust. Images of Hamas’ devastating attack and interviews with relations of the captured Israelis capture the eyeballs, sounds of exploding rockets hitting Israel capture the audio senses, and repetitive references to “this was the worst loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust,” tugs the emotions.

Investing time, money, and energy to bring the 80-year-old Holocaust into everyone’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner must give the Zionists dividends. Attending to the dead and ignoring those they kill, placing one genocide above all other genocides, avariciously seeking compensation from the death of those who cannot be compensated, and miserly extending it to therapy for grandchildren have brought hatred to Zionist Jews from those who react with scorn at the use of the Holocaust victims for monetary, military, and political gain.  

An unholy trinity of bludgeoning public relations that

(1)    Circulates outrageous disinformation that has Israelis playing victim, has a nuclear-armed Israel and its mighty army defenseless against a loose bunch of Hamas fighters who are prepared to eradicate Israel (Can Nicaragua conquer the United States?), and convinces the world that the Middle East crisis is solved by liquidating the people in crisis. U.S. Secretary of State, Zionist Anthony Blinken, “Meets With Palestinian and Iraqi Leaders in Bid to Contain Gaza War,” meaning that Tony Blinkers strives to ensure that nobody intervenes to assist the hapless Palestinians until Israel has completed its vicious deed. Secretary Bonkers, which is preferred for solving the problem ─ slaughtering the oppressed people so they are no longer a problem or halting the oppression and bringing about a just solution so the oppressors are no longer a problem?

The slick pro-Israel constituency always wants those who condemn Israel’s actions to condemn Hamas’ actions, intimating that the condemners have an agenda that favors Hamas. Big difference. Condemning Hamas cannot reverse Hamas’ criminal actions, condemning Israel is meant to prevent Israel’s criminal actions. By having simultaneous condemnation, the pro-Israel lobby expects that the genocidal pattern of Israel’s actions will be subdued and not given its warranted attention.

(2)    Makes anti-Semitism the issue, a trick that has fooled the public for centuries; a clever arrangement and an elegant winner. By regarding every attack on Jews as anti-Semitism, the words anti-Jewish have been eradicated from the lexicon. Being anti, or against someone, even an ethnicity is not necessarily evil — people honestly believe the religious right are ignorant hypocrites, Mormons follow illicit practices, Catholics have weird ceremonies, and Jews' reference to being God’s chosen people is offensive and a deceptive means to exercise control. During the time Russian Jews inhabited the Pale of Russia, local citizens accused Jews of controlling gambling, usury, alcohol delivery, and prostitution, and causing bankruptcy of Russian peasants. Because anti-Jewish has morphed into anti-Semitism and the latter is only associated with mean-spirited hatred, no words have been available to criticize offensive practices by Jews. Challenging the practices elicits the counter charge of anti-Semitism and that dominates the discussion.  

A recent byline in the November 6 New York Times verifies how legitimate actions are used to make Jews the victims.

Dagestan Riot: A New York Times analysis of Telegram posts shows how a false rumor about the resettlement of Israelis in Dagestan that led to an antisemitic riot at an airport was shared online for longer and more widely than previously reported.

A legitimate protest by Dagestan Muslims who do not relish Israelis coming to their territory is turned into an anti-Semitic riot. Planes have flown into Dagestan from Israel without incident for years. What was different on that particular day? Could it be that the people in Dagestan do not sympathize with those who represent a country that commits genocide on others? How did anti-Semitism creep into the conversation?

Zionist Jews love anti-Semitism; the more anti-Semitism the more Jews they can attract to apartheid Israel and the easier it is for them to deceive people into believing their criminal actions have justification.

(3)    Continually emphasizes the almost century-old Holocaust to emotionally capture new generations and further Zionist interests. What purpose has the intensive concentration on the World War II Holocaust served; the excessive attention has not prevented other genocides. Why aren’t we equally aware of the multitude of other genocides that occurred in Africa by German colonists, in Asia by British colonists, and in the Americas by Spanish colonists? Why is one of a multitude of genocides favored? Could it be because every time Israelis commit aggression against Palestinians, we need another Holocaust headline and cover-up story to lessen the impact of the aggression?

The Holocaust industry has crowded out news of other genocides — Rohingya and Rwanda Tutis — and played a role in preventing the world from adequately approaching those genocides. Zionists and their allies have used the World War II Holocaust to purposely disguise the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people. Israel’s supporters have a decisive role in attacks on Muslims.

Examine the stabbing of a 6-year-old Chicago-area boy who, officials say, was killed because he was Muslim. What personal relation did the assailant have with foreign Israelis in the Hamas attack that prompted him to punish an American Muslim child for the attack? Evidently, he had been nurtured to react aggressively when he learned that Jewish people had been killed and Muslims were involved in the attack. It takes a lot to create a Pavlovian response and this incident is indicative of how much the Zionists have invested to shape American minds and trigger a violent response from a distorted mind. In addition to banning guns, we should include banning Zionist propaganda.

A Call to Action
Huge demonstrations and protests that specifically highlight apartheid Israel’s decimation of the Palestinians have charged the world community into action. Already, President Joe Biden, whose principal attribute, when compared to adversary Donald Trump, was his decency, no longer has that appearance. Biden’s support for the Israeli killing machine has shifted his appearance from decent to murderous; he has lost his advantage and, according to polls, has no chance of winning the next election, even if Marjorie Taylor Greene runs.

That swing heralds a new look at what results from catering to The American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), the most significant contributor to skewing the American public into ardent support for Israel. Other elected officials may now realize that support for apartheid Israel is more of an election liability than an asset and these officials may be reexamining their dedication to the apartheid state.

The demonstrations, especially by Jewish peace and justice groups have accomplished much, and the momentum cannot stop and must grow. Despite the valiant efforts, no truce is in sight, and apartheid Israel, aided and abetted by the U.S. government continues to pulverize the helpless Palestinians. Time is running short. Previously mentioned and not sufficiently distributed are the words, “The Zionists have determined how to construct a more racially pure state and extinguish the Palestinian presence in the country without the world reacting to the genocide — break their bones and break their will to live.” It would be encouraging to learn that Palestinian heroism is able to survive all threats. The reality is that In both Gaza and the West Bank, the psychological damage to the inhabitants, overlooked in the discussion, has been enormous, and reduced many lives to a crawl for survival.

The street has taken the call to stop the genocide to the halls of government; it is advisable to take it to the institutions that advance the genocide — to the Arlington, Virginia headquarters of public Broadcasting, whose WETA and WGBH stations promote the genocide,  to the German Embassy that has been prominent in arming Israel and suppressing demonstrations that favor the Palestinians, to the institutions that behave as Israel’s spokesperson, the Anti-defamation League (ADL) and synagogues that proudly boast. “We stand with Israel” in its destruction of the Palestinian community.

Missing in the response to apartheid Israel’s violence is countering the most powerful tool for converting and controlling the masses ─ repetitive propaganda that shapes minds and controls actions. Why do football fans at a National Football League game take a minute of silence for killed Israelis and not a second grieving for the Syrians, Rohingya, Armenians, Mexicans, and populations in almost every African nation who have suffered greatly in the last years and continue suffering today?  

Why do Americans give deference to Israelis when Israel insults American leaders, uses Americans to die in wars that advance Israel’s interests, causes havoc that brings injury to U.S. relations with other nations,  and sucks money ($3.1 billion) from U.S. taxpayers to support its apartheid and oppressive policies? Look at the record.

·         On June 8, 1967, during the 5-day war, Israeli torpedo boats and airplanes attacked the intelligence ship USS Liberty in international waters, killed 34 Americans, and wounded 171.

·         In the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the U.S. supplied arms to Israel that reversed the course of the war. Arab nations responded with an oil embargo that caused huge inflation in the United States, punished the American consumer, and harmed the American economy.

·         Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon prompted the U.S. administration to quickly resolve the conflict. The U.S. offer of assistance did not stop the Israelis from advancing into Beirut and resulted in a suicide bombing of the Marine barracks and the killing of 241 American service personnel. Ignoring the U.S. pursuit for peace, the Israelis allowed Maronite militiamen to enter the Sabra and Shatilla camps and massacre Palestinian civilians.

·         Completely hidden from public knowledge is that America’s support for Israel was Obama bin Laden‘s principal argument with the United States. The al-Qaeda leader revealed his attitude in the opening sentences of a “Letter to America.”

·         George W. Bush’s uncalled-for war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq is the best example of sacrificing U.S. lives to advance Israel’s interests. The cited reason ─ destroying Hussein’s weapons of destruction, whose evidence of developments the U.S. based on spurious intelligence ─ was a farce that no sensible person could believe. This “made for consumption” and fabricated story detracted from the real reason for the U.S. invasion of Iraq — to prevent Iraq from becoming the central power in the Middle East and being able to threaten Israel.

·         The U.S. has problems with Iran but they can be ameliorated. Due to Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians and incursions into the Haram al-Sharif, Israel has problems with Iran which cannot be ameliorated until the oppression stops. In a cunning manner, Israel has tied its problem with Iran to the U.S. problem with Iran and uses the U.S. to combat Iran.   

·         In defiance of U.S. restrictions and the U.S. supplying Israel with advanced military equipment, Israeli companies sold weapons to China ‘without a permit.’

·         The U.S. gives Israel the sum of $3.1 B every year to purchase advanced weapons, from which Israel has become a major exporter of military equipment and is able to compete effectively with its patron.

·         Israeli governments have scoffed at all U.S. entreaties to halt settlement expansion, even insulting then Vice-President Joe Biden by authorizing settlement expansion one day before Biden arrived for talks.

·         Israel undermined efforts to change South Africa’s apartheid policies by being the only Western nation to have close relations with the Botha government and aided South Africa in secret accords.

NATO gathered its forces to crush Serbia, subdue the Taliban, and depose Moammar Gadhafi in counterproductive exercises that killed wantonly and brought no peace. Where is the mighty defender of freedom and justice when Israel, by word, deed, and subterfuge, and without compunction, decimates the Palestinian community? Why is Israel and its ultra-national, racist, and militarist Zionist leadership protected?       

The elephant in the room is the Jewish people. It is not said but obvious that the Jewish people in Israel, who are one-half of the Jewish world, are oppressing the Palestinians. They have allies in Jewish communities throughout the world, a large segment of the evangelical community, and the far right of the Republican Party. Western Jews have also been accused of controlling the media and acting as Israel’s enabler. The world does not seem to realize it, and nobody mentions it, but the facts show that a major part of the world is anguished by the Jewish community and considers it committing genocide. False charges of anti-Semitism will not rescue that community from its suicide. The world is in a lose-lose situation.

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