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Friday, August 1, 2014

Anti-Israel Protests cross into Anti-Semitism

I place the responsibility for Anti-Semitism squarely on the short-sighted hawkish organizations, US Senators, Congress persons and Netanyahu. What a shame it is that they are hurting the long term security of Israel by demanding blind support. Occupation and forcible take over of land pisses the world, and 96% of the world is frustrated and afraid to say anything, but they are building up resentment against Israel for the violations of UN Resolutions. Susan Rice takes pride in her stupidity of going 1-29 against the UN human rights commission, there is no respect for the world opinion.  This is not good, unless the moderate Jews speak up, the hawks will make Israel's position weaker and insecure.  A secure Israel would be a reality when Justice occurs to the Palestinians.

Mike Ghouse

Anti-Israel Protests Cross Into Anti-Semitism

Abraham Foxman on CNN
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Anti-Semitic Incidents Related to the Current Crisis in Israel
As Israel's operation to stop the firing of rockets by Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza and to destroy their tunnels into Israel passes the 3-week point, ADL has been tracking and speaking out about the upsurge in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, Latin America and even in the United States. We've seen:
  • physical attacks on Jews;
  • Molotov cocktails thrown at synagogues;
  • swastikas spray painted throughout Jews' neighborhoods;
  • chants at anti-Israel rallies calling for "Death to the Jews";
  • hackers attacking synagogue websites and computers.
Such violent and hate-filled acts are not legitimate expressions of protest against Israel. They are unadulterated acts of anti-Semitism. To quote U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice: "An anti-Jewish riot is not a policy critique…that’s just hate."

This eruption of anti-Semitism goes beyond what we've seen even during other times of tensions. CNN's Wolf Blitzer recently interviewed me about this surge of anti-Semitism.

The good news is that leaders across Europe are speaking out and condemning these attacks. Security for Jewish communities has been beefed up. The bad news is these incidents keep growing in number and severity.

Help us expose and counter these new expressions of an age-old hatred. Share this information with your friends. In times of crisis it is even more important for all good people to stand together and condemn this anti-Semitism, and show Jews around the world that they are not alone.
Thanks for all you do,
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Abraham H. Foxman
National Director
Anti-Defamation League

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